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September 19th, 2014
07:41 pm


1. patsy (noun): a person upon whom the blame for something falls; scapegoat; fall guy.
2. pawn (noun): Someone who is used or manipulated to further another person’s purposes.  3. perp (noun):  Police slang. the perpetrator of a crime.
4. perpetrator (noun): a person who perpetrates, or commits, an illegal, criminal, or evil act
Webster’s New Universal Unabridged (1-3), Unabridged, Based on the Random House Dictionary

I am relieved that ESPN’s OTL (Outside the Lines) reported earlier this afternoon about the Baltimore Ravens' actions in the wake of the infamous Ray Rice domestic violence elevator assault, because I no longer have to freak myself out about a Pisces (me) sleeping with the fishes.

I started writing a piece last weekend tentatively titled “The Well-Paid Patsy, the Wife-Punching Pawn, and the Well-Positioned Piranha”, about Roger Goodell, Ray Rice, and Steve Bisciotti.  But the more looked into it and the more I researched Bisciotti, the more squeamish I got.  I only felt brave enough to hint in a couple of posts at what I thought Bisciotti and Ravens Team President Dick Cass (or as I first called and tagged him, Dick Bass...) had done first to set up Roger Goodell and then to hose Ray Rice later.  My fear was probably born only of paranoia and grandiosity, but in any case, PTL - Praise the Lord - OTL stepped up to open up this line of thinking in a big and national way.
I have never been a fan of NFL Commissioner Goodell, so I was oh-so-ready to believe he flat-out lied to Norah O’Donnell about what he and the NFL saw and knew, and when, about the Rice matter.  But the more I thought about it after seeing clips from that "CBS This Morning" interview, the more I started to question my rush to summary judgment.  There was something in the anguished look on his face that made me think, this is a man who got boxed in and set up; maybe things weren’t quite so cut-and-dried.
I didn’t know even know Bisciotti's name or who he was until the second TMZ video broke Sept. 8 and he stuck Head Coach John Harbaugh before the microphones, all alone, to answer for Rice's same-day release in a terse, weird press conference.  The next day, Goodell sat down for his O'Donnell squirm and Bisciotti sent his email to Ravens’ PSL (season-ticket) holders, and then I saw the Ravens owner's TV interview a couple of days after that.  At which point I realized, hey, I think I know exactly what this guy’s doing and what’s going on here.  He was saying all the right things, but his teeth, his scary choppers, of all things, made me smell a rat nonetheless.  And a perp.

The light went on: this guy Bisciotti saw the video and knew the whole story a long time ago.  Because it strained credulity to believe his statement that the team had stopped trying to get the video once New Jersey prosecutors raised Rice's misdemeanor assault charge up to a felony, and that he hadn't seen any excerpts until TMZ made them public.  One way or another, it seemed likely they’d convinced or strong-armed Goodell from either looking at the video or into the matter much further, and gotten him to impose the initially very light two-game suspension for their running back.  Because the Ravens’ interest lay in getting Ray Rice back on the field as soon as possible, this season-- because he probably doesn’t have that much left in the tank, playing-wise, and the team didn’t want to eat his salary or take a $14.25 million salary cap hit by cutting him.

Until the second TMZ video surfaced.  At which point it must have become clear to Bisciotti & co. that the public outrage could cost them a lot more than a big cap hit if they didn’t get ahead of the public outrage and dump RR for his punch.  In spite of their unwavering support of “family member” Ray Rice, after what was a first offense as far as the NFL was concerned and as far as we still know.

That’s what I was pretty sure I knew had happened after the assault, but was too chicken to shout from the nag’s rooftop.  What follows now is what I continue to hope happened before the cover-up and set-up began, with an acknowledgement that I know it's probably just a faint hope. And, my hopes for the future for the Rices, and for the city of Baltimore.

Concerning what Ray Rice did to Janay in that casino, for both their sakes, I want to believe it was an aberration.  Although I’ve long disliked the Ravens (Ray Lewis…enough said) I’ve always had a soft spot in my football heart for plucky little backs who run for their lives as well as yardage.  And Ray seemed liked a good guy, without a whiff of anything untoward.  I felt for Janay from the moment we saw the first video, and I liked her as well as felt for her once I saw her in that awful, excruciating, staged joint press appearance with Ray.

So I want to believe this assault was a horrible one-off.  I want to believe he dragged her as he did in the aftermath due to being drunk and more to the point, at a loss, like Marty Robbins’" El Paso" gunfighter after shooting his romantic rival-- shocked by the foul, evil deed he had done.  I want to believe his phone call words to someone, probably his agent, “I’m going to be arrested tonight”, meant he got it at that point. I want to believe Janay’s heart-wrenching words after regaining consciousness, “How could you do this to me?  I’m the mother of your kid”, were also encouraging somehow because there’s no “again” at the end of the first sentence.  But given what we know about domestic abuse and abusers, I know my hopes rests on some thin ice.  So I can’t go all nag on it and tell you, Believe It! like I did years ago concerning Lance Armstrong in 2005 and again musically in 2006, or like I was afraid to do here, before OTL went Out Front, as CNN's Erin Burnett would put it.

I can only say again that I hope it’s so, for Ray Rice and Janay Rice’s sakes, and, no matter what the truth about their past relationship, I hope they both find healing and peace going forward, together or apart.  And I hope Ray Rice’s reputation can somehow be restored to the point where he can again be a point of pride or at least a helping hand for Baltimore, which has had more than enough tragedy in its Black community and can use that hand and many more.  Ray Lewis excluded, Baltimore needs to keep its heroes, even tarnished ones.  Far more than that sorrowful city needs an NFL running back.

--the nag

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05:09 pm


Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell speaks at a news conference ...

Well.  I think it's safe to say that job-wise, in the wake of his weak showing today, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is a dead man.

I don’t need to waste the time of anyone who watched the press conference by going over the particulars or adding any more words to the review I tucked in at the end of the title to this piece.  Those who didn't will hear more than enough about Goodell’s appearance, soon enough. But going forward, I can’t believe Goodell survives.  Maybe for a little while.  But.

As more comes out about what the Baltimore Ravens did in the aftermath of ex-Raven Ray Rice's domestic violence assault and Goodell's handling of the four dozen-plus DV cases on his watch which preceded Rice’s infamous elevator punch-out in February, the calls for the Commissioner’s head will only get louder and stronger.  Sooner probably rather than later, the NFL owners who pay him will cut him loose.  Because.

Goodell, currently the highest-paid offensive lineman in the NFL at $44 million a year, is no longer an effective blocker for the 32 fat cat owners who pay him.  And when you can’t cut it in the NFL, or you make the league look bad, you get dropped.  Former Houston Oilers Head Coach Jerry Glanville wasn't just working an official when he famously said, "NFL" stands for, Not For Long.

End of story.

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September 17th, 2014
04:20 pm



There's so much that is simply heartbreaking to me as far as Adrian Peterson beating his pre-schooler bloody with a tree branch is concerned.

First and foremost, obviously and awfully, the vicious physical pain and mental terror visited on a 4-year-old child by his father.

Second, the not-so-tiny, or not-tiny-enough for me, slice of the American public that views what most of us call blatant child abuse as nothing more than justifiable parental discipline, for whatever misguided reason.  Such as, religious ('spare the rod, spoil the child'), cultural/geographical ('it's a southern/Bible Belt thing'), social/political ('we stopped hitting our kids and look where that's gotten us'), or personal ('I was beaten by my parents and I turned out just fine.')

Third, the tradition of parents whipping black children in the U.S. South, as hinted at by Peterson himself as well as by his lawyer and explicitly voiced by Alabama-born Charles Barkley in defense of the East Texas native and fellow African-American.  It's an explanation of horrifying historical origin that excuses nothing in 2014 but which illustrates the tragedy of abuse as learned behavior, with the abused later becoming the abusers.  This so-called "tradition" can be traced straight back to the Slavery days of the U.S. South, when and where it was considered advisable, and very often demanded by the law, that black slaves of virtually any age be whipped.

Whipping, as corrective or preventive discipline intended both to punish and to promote desired behaviors and outcomes, both on the plantation and out in public.

Not criminal, if a slave was treated with overall "humanity", and the whippings didn't "maliciously dismember or deprive a slave of life."

It's just so heartbreaking.

--the nag

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September 15th, 2014
11:16 am



"Remember the Maine!" =>  Spanish-American War
"Saddam has WMD/Aluminum Tubes/Don't Wait for the Mushroom Cloud!" =>  Bush/Cheney Iraq War
"ISIS is beheading Americans and other English-speaking Whites Men!" =>  ?

You have to hand it to ISIS: it knows how to get the West's attention, in particular the USA's. ISIS understands our midset about the value of a few of "our" lives versus, say, the 170,000 Syrians killed in the past couple of years thanks to the Assad regime we're about to help by bombing ISIS in Syria.

It's a sad commentary on our self-absorbedness.  And our politicians are right there with ISIS as far as knowing the road to America going to war is paved with American fear, and they play to it, shamelessly. Hopefully, for the right reasons.

ISIS exists because the USA birthed it by invading Iraq and toppling Saddam Hussein and his Sunni-dominated Army, and supporting Al-Maliki and his Shiite regime without strong-arming Maliki into giving the Sunnis a stake in Iraq's future.  As a result, Saddam's military and political talent was left powerless, p.o.'d, and ready to hook up with any group which could help them reclaim some standing and get some revenge.  Such as ISIS, formerly known as Al Qaeda in Iraq, given life by the deadly stupidity of "Operation Iraqi Freedom".  Thanks, Cheney.

One good reason the USA needs to stop ISIS is that ISIS is our baby and has shattered what little stability existed of an mostly-instable region, which has ominous implications for innocent people there as well as the continued flow of Middle Eastern oil and thus the world economy.  Down the line, ISIS is bad news for Israel, and ISIS-inspired losers will be a threat to white, English-speaking American men, women, and children right here in the United States.  Which adds up to a good argument against unilateral U.S. action: the more it's just us, or looks like just us, the greater the ISIS recruitment impact and the bigger targets we become.

I hope we'll do two things: number one, calm down a little bit, and number two, base our decisions on why and especially how we go to war with ISIS based on American national and global interests and not hysterical fear.  It's crazy to charge in there with guns blazing merely to make the Middle East safe for white, western freelance journalists and aid workers, male or female, who stray into war zones out of recklessness or hubris, or even for noble or godly reasons.

--the nag

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11:14 am


Original Story- Any Regrets
"Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in."

Allow me to make this point to Fox News and any Americans who decry President Obama's "lack of leadership" on the Middle East:

The blame for the lack of leadership in the Middle East rests with the leadership of lack of it in the Middle East.  Not with the current President of the United States.  If you want to blame a U.S. President, blame Obama's predecessor, who blew the lid off Pandora's Box by invading Iraq in 2003.

Read then-candidate George W. Bush's Presidential Debate comment from October, 2000.  The "vice president" he referenced was  his opponent, Al Gore, Clinton's veep at that time, but feel free to imagine he's referring to his own future V.P., Dick Cheney, and think about how President Bush's decision to listen to Cheney and not his own instincts has worked out so far in Iraq...and where the world is headed as a result.

"I would take the use of force very seriously. I would be guarded in my approach. I don’t think we can be all things to all people in the world. I think we’ve got to be very careful when we commit our troops.

The vice president and I have a disagreement about the use of troops. He believes in nation-building. I would be very careful about using our troops as nation builders.

I believe the role of the military is to fight and win war and, therefore, prevent war from happening in the first place." G.W. Bush, October 3, 2000.

--the nag

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08:37 am


Newsflash for those thinking the buck stops with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for the NFL's mishandling of the Ray Rice matter, or anything else: it does not.  Goodell doesn't have the final say on anything unless his 32 bosses, the NFL team owners, give it to him, and they can pull it back at any time.

Goodell could learn a lesson from Harry Truman, who said, "The buck stops here."

The buck ultimately stops with Roger Goodell because the league is his baby to rock. […] The Buck Stops with you, Roger.

The buck stops at the NFL commissioner’s desk.

At what point does the buck stop with the commish?

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti told the Baltimore Sun: “We all failed. The buck stops with me.”

--the nag

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September 11th, 2014
05:01 pm


If all of the relevant Ray Rice Revel Casino domestic violence video footage has already been revealed publicly -- that is to say, if the incident began with what looks like Rice leaning in and spitting as fiancee Janay Palmer passes him en route to the elevator -- then this post is not worth anything beyond its dizzying array of related story and document links.  Well, maybe section "E)" is worth a look, in any event.

But-- given the fact we're dealing with TMZ and the the NFL, it might turn out that the "full video" we've seen is not quite that. Short of Pete Rozelle himself showing up from the great beyond, not much would shock me anymore about this mess.  With heartfelt wishes that wherever it goes from here, it moves in a direction of bringing some peace and healing to Ray and Janay Rice, here I go:

1st TMZ video: outside the elevator at the Revel casino, starting after Ray Rice's assault of then-fiancee Janay Palmer

2nd TMZ video: outside the elevator, starts with the spitting mentioned above, includes the RR assault in the elevator

3rd TMZ video if it exists: still earlier hallway footage, and showing what?

What changes if TMZ scores yet another scoop with another video that continues the reverse chronology pattern?

Nothing, as far as Ray Rice's actions are concerned, it wouldn't make him any less guilty for the elevator assault.

But if it exists-- and surfaces,and you have to imagine it would if it does-- and if it showed Janay Palmer hitting Ray Rice, I think it might explain or clarify several things and change the dynamic of the NFL/Baltimore Ravens' cover-up which blew up with the release of the 2nd video this week.  At a minimum.  The ramifications of such a tape are huge on several levels far beyond pro football.

A) It would better explain why both Rice and Palmer initially were arrested on identical simple assault charges, even though Rice's complaint-summons contains the three stunning words not found in Palmer's otherwise identically-worded one: "rendered her unconscious".  The Atlantic City Police Department statement on the arrests says "After reviewing surveillance footage it appeared [to the responding officers] both parties were involved in a physical altercation."  But if the two ACPD officers saw only the portions covered by TMZ's first two videos, doesn't it seem like that footage would furnish scant evidence that she assaulted him? Much less be worthy of the same charge?

B) It would put Janay's hard-to-watch apology for "her part" in her own assault in a somewhat better light. If only because the first two videos don't show Janay Palmer Rice having any other "part" than that of defending herself, which doesn't require an apology.  While giving ammunition to the "she hit him first, so she brought it on herself" crowd, a third video as imagined would mean that Janay was not simply re-victimizing herself on her attacker's behalf in the excruciating, televised joint appearance she made with Rice.

C) It would better explain how in the world the NFL and Baltimore Ravens thought Commisioner Roger Goodell's original two-game suspension made any sense, and had any chance of flying with the public. It would still leave them tone-deaf and contrary to the "a man should never hit a woman" idea.  But in this scenario, they may have thought the public outrage could be managed, if the next video that came out after the first video began with Janay as "aggressor", before Rice did the things we've seen in the current "full video".

D) It would give more credence to what Ravens' General Manager Ozzie Newsome said about what Rice told him, i.e., just exactly what was on the tape. It wouldn't change what Rice did, but it would change the public and media calculus of who's being truthful in the aftermath of the cover-up blow-up.  And call into question the veracity of the Baltimore Ravens' owner (see "E").

E) It would better explain why Ravens' owner Steve Bisciotti and company backed Rice 100%, until washing their hands and kicking him to the curb as soon as the the second video surfaced Monday.  Especially in light of both Bisciotti's March "If everybody was a one-strike-and-you're-out, then we'd all be in trouble" statement about first-time offender Ray Rice (as far as the NFL is concerned-- and as far as we know).  As well as his explanation of how the Ravens' "family" works with its "sons" who have more than one strike, from his Tuesday email to Personal Seat License (season-ticket) holders: "Like families, we have used tough love in the past (fines, benching and releases) with repeat offenders."   To be sure, Bisciotti has furnished a believable explanation of his about-face in interviews, comments echoed by his team President Dick Bass-- but both spoke only in the days after John Harbaugh was left to represent ownership by himself in a press conference.

And all bets are off for the Ravens and the NFL,  if either or both organizations in fact saw the "full video" as we know it -- or more of it -- before we all did, despite the denials.  That goes for Goodell, Harbaugh, and Newsome, and their mutual boss, Steve Bisciotti.

Harvey Levin: your move, Mr. TMZ?

--the nag

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September 9th, 2014
11:20 pm


Am I The Liberal Moral Compass, or The Guru of the Human Mind, or Morris Dees?
Since Friday, I've been knee-deep in the hate & ignorance that makes up so much of Yahoo news story comments...trying to make Yahoo not necessarily SFW (safe for work), but a lot more SFWM (safe for working minds), by adding some light to the heat, and calmly busting bigoted chops with facts and such -- more right-vs-wrong than Right-vs-Left, although the two concepts certainly intersect a lot, especially since Obama was voted into office, twice.  Put another way, I'm looking to open some eyes, unharden some hearts, and win some minds, in my possibly imitable style.  Or at least furnish some ammo for people of good conscience to use on the trolls and troglodytes in their lives.  I know...gee, Norm, "grandiose" much?

It's a full-time job...maybe I should try a "gofundme" thing so I could make it mine without having to drain my the meantime, spread the word: wealthy patrons warmly received.  Open purse strings, yes, strings attached, not so much, beyond doing my honest, thoughtful best and keeping the ad hominums, cheap shots, and gratuitous snark to a minimum.

Along the way the past five days, in addition to epithets, I've garnered some nicknames, as seen in the title to this are some excerpts from my
NormanG Yahoo efforts, with article links.  I'll have some native-to-the nag thoughts on Obama's Godfather III nightmare, ISIS, and the like, later this week, if all goes well.

After domestic violence video is released, Ravens cut running back Ray Rice

The NFL was shocked, shocked, by today's video just like Claude Rains was by the gambling at Rick's in "Casablanca".

John Harbaugh on seeing Ray Rice video: 'It changed things'

"It changed things." Right. No one can imagine now that Janay slipped and fell after a push or a shove or something less than a vicious left hook. No one can think now that Janay was the aggressor. The Ravens and the NFL can't pretend now that they did anything other than whatever it took to try to get a star back on the field as soon as possible to keep the wins and $$ flowing.

The message 'Fox & Friends' took from Ray Rice Elevator video: 'Take the stairs'

Just when you think this bunch can't go any lower...they go lower.

'Fox & Friends' jokes about Ray Rice video spark spark outrage

These appalling comments would be slammed no matter what national network television network they were made on, and rightly so.
It's sad to see some people think this criticism is merely another politics-driven attack on Fox News Channel. We're just criticizing two idiots and the channel that pays them for their idiocy. The fact that it reflects badly on the smug, sneering, so-called Conservative "side" is just gravy.

Janay Rice on Instagram: Husband's suspension, release a 'horrible nightmare'

"No one knows the pain that the media & unwanted [opinions] from the public has caused my family. To make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret every day is a horrible thing."
Janay, we can only imagine, and you have my sympathies. But please don't blame the media and the public. This is on Ray, and his protectors/enablers, the Ravens and the NFL. That's how we got here. And too many people just wouldn't see that or learn from this, without the full video.

Sources: GM Danny Ferry's reference to Luol Deng's African heritage initiated Hawks investigation

Bruce Levenson wrote that at Hawks' games there were "too many" blacks on the Kiss-Cam. That's a Donald Sterling moment right there, and it wasn't from a private conversation, it was from an NBA business email. Brutal. Hit the road, Bruce.
As for Danny Ferry's "African" comment, wow, how snide and obnoxious. Duke must be so very proud of him today- not. I'm guessing he'll need to find a new job very soon.

*  *  *

I'm sure Danny Ferry will be relieved to see so many posters here bending over backwards and twisting themselves into knots defending the comment that he's busy apologizing for and taking a salary hit over. If Ferry meant to say Deng is a nice human being but not a soft player or pushover on the court, then that's what he should have said, instead of using racial code that can be misinterpreted. And if my interpretation is correct, then he dissed white players lol

Hawks minority owner wrote letter, pressured Bruce Levenson to get rid of Danny Ferry after comments on Luol Deng

“he has a little African in him. Not in a bad way, but he’s like a guy who would have a nice store out front but sell you counterfeit stuff out the back.” Now we know the rest of the story, but some people still will claim that Ferry said nothing wrong, that he was speaking geographically, not racially or insultingly, and tell offended people (i.e. blacks and liberal whites) they should just "get over it". How many examples do deniers need before they see the pattern and the problem?

[reply from “Northsider: “…Please elaborate on this pattern too, oh guru of the human mind. (…)”

Northsider, the pattern is kind of like, "where there's smoke, there's fire", but more like, "where there's a little fire, there's a lot of fire". It doesn't have to be racial, it can be political. Like Nixon/Watergate. Republicans and media haters dumped on the Wash Post, John Dean, etc., then the Oval Office tape transcripts came out and Nixon was revealed as the crook he was, leaving his supporters disappointed and egg-faced. -gothm lol

*  *  *

“he has a little African in him. Not in a bad way, but he’s like a guy who would have a nice store out front but sell you counterfeit stuff out the back.” There's more of the Ferry quote, folks. We saw the rest of the Ray Rice video Monday. Over the weekend, two more witnesses backed up the version of events that says Mike Brown was murdered. Let the truth set you free from playing apologist or denier. The more we know, the more naive, or worse, you players look.

Luol Deng responds to Danny Ferry's 'a little African in him' comments

Great, classy statement from Deng. It reads like something from someone who went to a good school like Duke. What Ferry said/read was more along the lines of David Duke-ish.

Attorney: Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson roughed up drug suspect

DAVID” wrote: “Who gives a s*** how he treated a drug dealer. Besides, who is going to believe a drug dealer over a cop except for the news media and other blacks in Ferguson. Zotos, the defense attorney is also a piece of s*** and a scumbag lawyer. Having been a cop all of my life and now retired (…)”

The U.S. Constitution gives a big one, David. And may I say that I'm so very, very glad to hear you no longer have a badge, night stick, Taser, service revolver, or a stinger. Your attitude is an embarrassment to decent cops everywhere. And congrats on giving more ammunition to people who want to believe the worst about cops. Way to make your still-sworn buddies' jobs that much harder. Brilliant work!

*   *   *

“Flag Me Baby” wrote: When did we as law enforcement officers have to handle the less than law abiding citizens with the same rights as you and me? (…)

Policing's a tough, tough job. As citizens, though, we hope and I think should be able to expect that it doesn't come down to an officer emptying his gun at an unarmed suspect on a public street at noontime on a Saturday in Ferguson, MO or anywhere else. Right?

“Flag Me Baby” replied: “Norm G. Please let me punch/blow your eye socket out when you are pushed back into your car and then the young man tries to take your gun lets see what your adrenalin will do to you when all you are thinking about is your life and or your family (…)”

FMB, if I roll up on a 6'4" 300 lb. dude of any color, I'll resist the temptation to drive up right in his face, where he can block my car exit and possibly go for my gun. Also, we're still waiting for a medical report to see if your punch/blowout is true. I'm not taking the word of "Josie" on that. A police report on the incident would be nice, too.

*  *  *

“tlcnor” wrote: “Here is few problems that police officer's are faced with daily. People expect the police to know all the laws and the Constitution as well as the U.S. Supreme Court Justices do. But that isn't fair and it is unreasonable. Police officer's are not lawyers and they have to make split second decisions. (…)The last point I want to make is that the number 1 job of a police officer is to go home at the end of their shift. Their number 2 job is to make sure their partners goes home at the end of their shift. Police are not out there to sacrifice their lives for the public.”

Hi tlcnor, two points.

1 Policing is hard; if someone can't stand the heat, he/she should get out of the kitchen.

2 Police are not out there to sacrifice lives just so they can make it home for dinner.

*  *  *

“REIDC” wrote: “this department's refusal to be forthcoming ever since this all first started leads me to believe that there is a lot more they don't want people to know or they are just plain ignorant of the ways of the world.”

I agree with you, REIDC.  Here's one possible scenario: Darren Wilson made a good shoot, but the department says, omg, we've been hosing blacks for years, no way anyone's gonna believe it, so we better hunker down and lawyer up, and let "Josie" spin the story for us on a talk radio call-in show.  And we'll send out the Riot Squad before anything happens, just to be safe.

--the nag aka NormanG

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September 6th, 2014
12:35 pm


Well That Only Took Six Months
Anyway, I'm kind of tied up today on what might be described as a fool's errand, trying to inject some thoughtfulness and sanity into a largely nasty and bigoted Yahoo News discussion about   Attorney: Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson roughed up drug suspect .

Meantime I weighed in on Joan Rivers' passing after being bombarded with it on my cable news channels and then reading a news article on it that glorified some of her most horrendous comments.  Here's what I wrote, in response to a lot of "I'm glad she cuts celebrities down to size/she's tough on herself, too" posts, if you want to cut to my chase:

"There's a huge difference between poking fun at yourself or life itself, and gut-stabbing someone else. I can still see my late mother collapsing in hysterics re-enacting Joan's bit about the wise-cracking, "at your cervix" gynecologist, complete with the introductory hand probe. Forty-something years later, I've yet to meet a woman who doesn't appreciate that joke, I guess because they've all been through the awkwardness and indignity of the stirrups, and it resonates and takes the 'Oh God, just get it over with' feeling to a happier place.

I think the Joan on Joan quotes from the article reveal Joan Rivers' humanity -- they reflect fears and feelings of not being loved, of not being attractive (enough), of growing old. They're therapeutic, helping her cope with the (suicide) death of a spouse, and her own self-image/plastic surgery issues. But I think the quotes about other people reveal her inhumanity. With the possible exception of Lindsay Lohan and her Norwegian ski instructor (, they pretty much run the gamut from vicious to appalling.

It's sad. I liken her career to that of a great actress who showed some skin in her early films but who, by the end, was just making porn.

--the nag

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March 1st, 2014
04:25 am


"Hustle' and Bale brought me back; stay tuned
The film American Hustle and actor Christian Bale, Hustle's Irving Rosenfeld, have juiced me up and brought me back to the land of the writing.  I'll be back to the nag shortly...kind of busy now posting about my new favorite on's Movie Awards message board at

Ciao for now

the nag

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