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March 1st, 2014
04:25 am


"Hustle' and Bale brought me back; stay tuned
The film American Hustle and actor Christian Bale, Hustle's Irving Rosenfeld, have juiced me up and brought me back to the land of the writing.  I'll be back to the nag shortly...kind of busy now posting about my new favorite on's Movie Awards message board at

Ciao for now

the nag

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February 23rd, 2014
04:29 am


"American Hustle" is a Classic, They Say? What Are They, Farmers?
People believe what they want to believe; I think Jesus said that.  Some believe American Hustle’s a classic.  A beautiful movie whose plot and screenplay are worthy of a Chinatown only sharper and funnier.  Featuring  phenomenal acting and a killer soundtrack; sure to scoop serious Shrine statuary Sunday the 2nd.

I don’t know what they’re talking about, but let’s assume they’re serious.  Really? That’s the movie they want to go with.  Am I living in a freaking nightmare right now?  Am I playing you?  Am I playing them?  You’ll have to decide, kid.  I’m laying all my cards on the table.  Discuss; tell me where I’m wrong.

Christian Bale for Lead Actor?  So he got fat and gave us a character and a performance for the ages; who can’t strap on a feedbag?  Now McConaughey – wow.  Flatly-written and blandly-acted as his DBC superhero character and film might be, he sure skinnied up, and Hollywood loves skinny!  I’d love to see Bale try that for a role.  I’m very interested in that.  Let me know when that could have happened.

David O. Russell Best Director?  He has Bale style a comb-over for two minutes! I threw my hands up and said, Who starts a film like that? David, why are you busting my chops?  Get to the point.

Best Picture for the love story?  Bale and Amy Adams swing dancing in the Big Apple to a Jack Jones number, over Apple iPhone sex between what looks like Leonard from The Big Bang Theory and what sounds like ScarJo, yes, her?  How they-how they gonna do that?  BP for sex/sizzle?  Tapping Adams’ side boobs and smoking-hot full-frontal acting over everything in the over-the-top and bottomless WoWS?  One would need to be post-adolescent.

BP for pathos?  What, 'Six Weeks an FBI Stooge'?  Try 12 Years a Slave.  Yes, it might have been considered a reduced sentence at that sorry time in U.S. history, but it crushes getting dissed with the crappiest freaking suite at the Plaza.  BP for action?  No; zero car chases, 1 beat-down, 5 guns.  An old mobster fires the lone shots, in flashback.  A no-hajmola goon, he’s like the freaking Viet Cong, man – he’s in, he’s out of the movie – you don’t know he was there, because he’s not listed in the screen credits.

BP?  Without dazzling Gravity-like visuals?  Sure, Hustle’s exploding floodlight smoke lead to sweet Casablanca and Field of Dreams–inspired shots, but come on.  That’s one, and there’s no BOOM.  Wait, the science oven. That’s priceless.  Okay, two.

Bradley Cooper for Supporting Actor?  What, Richie, the cop?  For perm curlers and lurid disco duds?  Sorry, honey, BC rocked Hustle, but no, maybe if Richie had died…  Jennifer Lawrence?  For one night, maybe her trophy case stays empty.  Empty, empty.  Just like her critics’ complaints.  Bring a 23-year old kid into this movie so she can steal all the big laughs and set the screen on fire…

So I’m not falling for the Hustle…are you?  I’m banking on the power of insentience, people; the power of insentience.  Thank you.  I have a great ice fishing story, but I gotta go see a man about a dog.  We’ll finish the ice story another time.

---the nag

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November 28th, 2012
08:59 am


THANKS U.S voters for re-electing the President and sparing us from the alternative.  WE DODGED A BULLET. friends and family readers who took time to say hey and/or comment on my 'DON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN' post.  The comments came through LJ
to my e-mail
and most included a personal note or info so I didn't want to display them as is.  Here are some, minus the personal stuff:

He's gettin' my vote…

Good post!
Obama's definitely got my vote.
Why anyone who's not a millionaire actually thinks
Mitt Romney's going to help them is beyond me.
And I think he'll find "binders of women" voting against him.
Go Obama! !

Glad you sent a link and you know I was never fooled, lol

I think you forgot the Don't in front of RE-ELECT.
That would make more sense.

I shudder to think what'd be happening now and where we'd be headed if President-elect Romney and a Republican-controlled House of Representatives
were getting ready to rock and roll.  Oy vey. omg. Oh the humanity, the Hannity, and the attendant insanity.  Verily, WE DODGED A BULLET.  Forward!

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November 5th, 2012
01:18 pm



This should be a no-brainer -- re-elect Obama.  Don't be swayed by the Republican/Romney sales pitch -- this is the same bunch of clowns who talked you into invading Iraq.  They play on your fears -- of another terrorist attack back then, of an economic collapse now -- and manipulate you into making a bad choice.   Along the way they conveniently ignore the fact that it was a Republican Administration (Bush 43) that caused or at least failed to prevent the original disasters known as 9/11 and the Great Recession.

The big picture is that it's going to cost a lot of money to take care of America's sick and elderly and poor and hungry in the future.  And the rich folks are worried they'll get soaked -- so their answer is to weasel out of paying by dropping guarantees for Medicare and Social Security, by slashing Medicaid, etc.   So precisely at a time when we need to pull together and PAY UP, the rich are heading for the hills and their wealth is headed to the Cayman Islands, to Swiss banks...anywhere but here.

I love how Mitt Romney goes on in his concerned voice warning against leaving all this crushing debt to our grandchildren.  If Romney has his way, not only will those grandkids be saddled with crushing debt, they'll also be on the hook to support their sick and impoverished parents and grandparents because Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, as we know them now, will not exist then.  Good luck, kids!    Mitt's got his!  Go get your own!


They're lying to you; they're bs'ing you; they have a hidden agenda and it works against you.     Vote in your own interest and your country's -- Vote Obama.  Please. 

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October 18th, 2012
01:23 pm


Testing Testing One Two
Is this thing on?  Hello?


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May 23rd, 2010
10:49 pm



I've kept my internet mouth shut for almost eight months now, thus depriving the world of -- or sparing it from, depending on your point of view -- my two cents.   I think it's time I started chiming in again.   Stay tuned.


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October 1st, 2009
01:40 pm



I can't help but marvel at Obama.  If I were in his shoes I'd probably be in a rubber room by now, freaked out by all the mega-crises heaped on my plate from Day One and the new ones that have popped up since then...exasperated by the bitching and moaning from the Left and the hatred and lies from the Right....and enraged by all the bad actors, domestic and foreign, actively working to defeat me at every turn for their own selfish agendas or just out of spite.  I'd be ready to pull a South Park Cartman and say, 'Screw you guys, I'm going home.'

But Obama seems unfazed by it all.  I can't help but marvel.  This is one cool, smart, and classy customer, and if anyone's up to the frightening tasks at hand, Obama matter what the screaming ninnies of the world say. 

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09:37 am



I don't buy what the critics are saying, I think Obama's playing it smart by staying vague about what he wants in the health care bill.  "Must-have" specifics from the President would just give the Republicans and the special interests something more to target.   They might even mean the kiss of death.  Take the public option -- if it was the "Obamacare Public Option", I think it would be dead by now, because the opposition could have stirred the government-takeover pot even more than they have, with Obama's face on the proposal.  Instead, a public option (in some form or another) seems to be gaining traction as time goes on, bubbling up from various Congressional sources.  My sense is that Team Obama has made a smart decision to not try to lead the parade, at least publicly, until it's really rolling along and nearing the reviewing stand.   Don't lay your cards down until you have to.

And speaking of the existing public option for pre-retirement age folks, i.e., Medicaid and various state versions of it, don't you see a bunch more Americans headed there?   I don't see an end to the continuing losses of high-wage jobs in big corporations and manufacturing due to offshoring/globalization.  If those thrown out of work can find new jobs -- big "if" in many places in the U.S. -- chances are those jobs will pay far, far less, and may or may not come with health care coverage.  Meanwhile we're not nearly out of the home foreclosure woods, and the commercial real estate and consumer credit card default waves are coming.  We're in no position to spend our way out of recession, which will probably mean even more business closures and more job losses.   I don't care how many technical indicators point to recovery, it just doesn't look very good, does it?   I'd say we're on our way to having a lot more poor Americans who are going to get a public option for health care...the hard way. 

Last time things got really bad economically, it took a World War to turn it around.  I don't think we can handle another one, given all the WMDs on the planet these days.   The health care public option will seem small and quaint if we have to weigh the nuclear option.

I know I'm just kind of rambling here, free-associating worries...I'm not trying to a downer, but really, is there a light at the end of the tunnel that you can see?  I want to see one.  Show me the light! 

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08:53 am



After taking an email stroll down memory lane last week with a friend who's my Number One "Left-Wing Clown Boy" fan, I posted that song and a few other ones from my CD to better late than never.

Lo and behold, I checked this morning and I've got some chart action happening.  "Left-Wing Clown Boy", is at #19 on the Comedy/Political Humor Chart...taking over from "Bush Shoulda", which was at #15 last week but has since dropped off.  On the  Comedy/Parody Chart, "Obama Girls", of all things, is hanging in the top 100, at #81... 

So if you've got a minute, I'd be gratified if you'd toodle on over to my artist's page at soundclick and give a listen to LWCB, or "Coulter" or "Cheney, That's Harry on the Ground" or any of the other songs I've got there, and Rock the Vote!  And if all goes well, I'll have some fresh tunes to post up there in the near future.

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September 25th, 2009
12:59 am



....and a decent health care bill might just come our way.   The public option's gone from a dead letter to a contender all of a sudden...funny how these things go. 

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